About Us

The Band

The Almond Butter Band is, as one might surmise, a tribute to the legendary Allman Brothers Band.

More than Southern Rock, more than Blues, more than Jazz, the ABB were an amalgam of America’s diverse musical traditions; seamlessly blended and kaleidoscopically re-arranged night after night on the road in real time, to the joy and amazement of audiences everywhere.

The Mission

The sole ambition of The Almond Butter Band is to present and preserve this unique musical legacy with honor and respect.

No mere act of imitation, it’s a love letter to Les Brers - the homework has been done, and the dues have been paid. Ask their audiences - better yet, watch their audiences: they dance, they groove, and they sing.

Veterans of an Allman Brothers performance will tell you, when they shut their eyes at an Almond Butter Band show, they are transported right back. Those that didn’t have that good fortune, well, they get a taste of it.

The Allman Brothers Band had a term for those special nights - they called it hitting the note. The Almond Butter Band calls it mission accomplished.

The Members

The Almond Butter Band is comprised of some of Cincinnati’s finest musicians, bringing a wealth of experience to this extraordinary project. They are:

  • Jim Pelz, guitar and vocals

  • Brandon Scott Coleman, guitar and vocals

  • Scott Carnder, bass and vocals

  • Phillip Burkhead, piano and organ

  • Nick Blasky, drums

  • Jason Smart, drums

For being from such a concentrated locale, they cover a world of musical styles. A cross-section of just a few of the artists they’ve performed with includes:

Vince Herman, Fareed Haque, Dave Mason, Little Anthony and The Imperials, Umphrey’s McGee, Tony Bennett, Victor Wooten, David Gans, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Dionne Warwick, James Carter, and many more.

Around Cincinnati, you’ll find them performing with Ray’s Music Exchange, The Qtet, Hickory Robot, The Newbees, Root Cellar Extract, The Blue Wisp Big Band, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, Now Hear This, and The Spookfloaters, to name just a few.



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